Ramen noodles

You want to learn how to make Ramen noodles yourself or just want to know about Ramen noodle soup?

We have compiled the best recipes for you!

What are the different types of ramen noodles?

There are four basic types:

If you have time, we would always advise you to choose the homemade noodles for your ramen dish.

Otherwise, we recommend the dried variety. Because this also tastes very good and is prepared in a few minutes.

Make ramen noodles yourself

The dough for the pasta consists of wheat flour, salt and water. All ingredients that are always available in a well-equipped kitchen.

The water used is Kansui, a mixture of water containing potassium and carbonate. This also gives the pasta its yellowish color and specific taste.

Eggs can be used instead of kansui if you don’t have any kansui on hand . This gives the ramen noodles a yellowish tint. You only need the yolk of one egg.

Fresh pasta should be used on the day it is made, if possible, or stored only briefly in the refrigerator.