Ramen recipes

The ramen recipes get their names depending on which Broth is used:

  • Miso recipe (味噌ラーメン) is the most popular ramen dish in Germany. A miso paste made from fermented soybeans is used for this. In Japan there are many variants to complement the soup with side dishes.
  • Shoyu ramen recipe (醤油ラーメン) is based on soy sauce. This type is common in Tokyo and can be consumed there in ramen stores on every corner.
  • Shio ramen recipe (塩ラーメン) is based on salt and often enriched with fish and seafood broth. It is considered the oldest method of preparation in Japan. The broth looks bright and clear.
  • Tonkotsu recipe (豚骨ラーメン) is the whitish cloudy color conspicuous, which is produced by long boiling out pork bones. This releases a lot of gelatin, which gives the broth a certain creaminess. Tonkotsu translated from Japanese means “pig bones”.