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Distribution Of Restaurants

Ramen, the traditional Japanese noodles, are not only cooked at home. Especially in Japan, there are countless restaurants that specialize in ramen. These are called ramen-ya or ramen stores in Japan.

There are well over 10,000 ramen restaurants in Japan. These also present themselves in the most diverse designs. It can be the simple cookshop around the corner, the stand-up snack bar in the financial district of a metropolis, the fast food restaurant of a ramen chain in the shopping malls, or even the elegant restaurant in the style of a gourmet temple. They can be found on every block in big cities. Similar to our kebab bites.

Many of these Japanese ramen-yas have now spread throughout Asia as franchise restaurants. But also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Ramen restaurants are becoming more and more popular and in many cities these Japanese restaurants with the traditional flair and the typical noodle dishes are appearing more and more.

Traditional dishes at Ramen Restaurant

Ramen-ya mainly serves ramen dishes. These are very multifaceted. From Shoyu R amen to Miso Ramen and Shio R amen to Tonkotsu R amen, the noodles are offered here with a variety of soups.

The menu includes ramen with fish, meat and seafood, but vegetarian and vegan noodle soups are also becoming more common.

In some ramen stores, there are dishes on the menu, while in other restaurants, diners can create their own ramen soups from the individual components.

In addition to the soups, dry ramen dishes are usually offered, and gyozas, which are popular in Japan, are usually available as well. Gyozas are the Japanese equivalent of Swabian Maultaschen. These are sold boiled or fried in soup, but also dry with dipping sauce.

The most famous ramen restaurants

Ajisen Ramen is a ramen store which belongs to a franchise chain. In Japan, there are more than 700 premises of this chain, and Ajisen representatives can also be found in Canada, Cambodia and Australia.

Ichiran, a ramen-ya from Fukoka, has been in existence since 1960 and has grown to become a large and important ramen chain in Japan. In the meantime, Ichiran is also represented in the USA, especially in New York City.

Ramen chains have also established themselves in America. Among the best known are Boxer Ramen, which has its main location in Portland, Oregon. The first ramen-yas of this chain opened back in 2013.

But no matter which major Asian city you go to, there are always plenty of ramen-yas around. In Bangkok, for example, Bankara Ramen is located in the exclusive shopping temple Siam Paragon. But in every mall in Thailand’s capital there are at least 2 larger or smaller ramen restaurants.

Whether in Vienna, Berlin, Düsseldorf or Bern, these aromatic noodle dishes are eaten with great pleasure everywhere these days.

Japanese noodles have gone from being a poor man’s food to a real trend food and the spread of the dish in kitchens and restaurants around the world has just begun.

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