Instant Ramen Ready Meals

The ultimate instant ramen test from the ramen experts with +30 instant ramen ready meals.

Updated 24.10.2022

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20x Nong Shim Instant Noodles Shin Ramyun
spicy korean ramen soup

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40x Nong Shim Instant Noodle Soups
Korean ramen soups with 9 different varieties

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20x Nong Shim Instant Noodles Kimchi Ramyun
Korean ramen soup with kimchi

“Kimichi is the most popular dish in Korea- Available here with an instant noodle soup.”

Nissin Demae Ramen Beef
Japanese ramen soup with beef

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Demae Ramen Tokyo Soy Sauce
Japanese ramen soup with soy sauce

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Difference between instant ramen and instant ramyun

Nowadays, ramen mainly refers to the noodle soups known in Japan.

In Korea, the soups are also known. However, usually a lot spicier and known as Ramyun.

How about a ramen bowl ?

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SO you cook instant noodles

  1. Using a kettle, bring water to a boil.
  2. Place the instant noodles in your ramen bowl .
  3. Pour over the boiling water.
  4. Wait five minutes.
  5. Enjoy delicious soup.

20x Nong Shim Instant Noodles Kimchi Ramyun
Korean ramen soup with kimchi

“Kimichi is the most popular dish in Korea- Available here with an instant noodle soup.”

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What are instant ramen?

Instant ramen has been a part of everyday Asian life for decades. This is not limited to Japan alone. Whether in Thailand, Korea, Taiwan or Cambodia, instant ramen ends up in the soup bowl for breakfast in Asia. In recent years, the popularity of instant ramen has spread to the Western world.

No wonder, these noodle soups also taste wonderfully aromatic, are available in countless flavors and can be conjured up in no time at all. Magic is the right word, because with instant ramen, all you do is pour hot water over the noodles and 5 minutes later the meal is ready.

The instant noodles are offered seasoned in packets. In it there are soup powders, aromatics, herbs, oils and pieces of dried vegetables, dried meat or dried fish. Today, consumers can choose from several hundred instant ramen varieties.

Instant ramen has been produced industrially since the mid-1950s. Momofuku Ando from Japan is considered the inventor of these instant noodle soups. He is the founder of Nissin Food, perhaps the best-known company in the instant noodle business. Today, there are many large and well-known manufacturers in Asia. Shin Ramyun from Korea is among the leaders here, as is Mama from Thailand.

Momofuku was animated to this invention by the poverty and hunger after the war. He wanted nutritious, healthy and delicious food to be made available to everyone quickly and affordably.

The ramen noodles are preserved by a special process and a procedure of double frying. Deep-frying, shaping and pressing give the pasta this typical wavy shape.

In Asia, instant ramen is not only loved as a quick meal. Especially children snack on the dried noodles as a substitute for chips. Give it a try if you’re an instant ramen lover!

What are the varieties of instant ramen?

The instant noodles taste pure, aromatic and varied.

Whether with chicken, duck, beef, pork, shrimp or even vegetarian, the choice in instant noodle soups is enormous.

They also come in a wide variety of heat levels and flavors. From spicy as hell to velvety and mild to green curry flavored ramen noodles or Korean fire pot, anything goes.

How to pimp instant ramen?

However, instant ramen is also offered in restaurants and in cookshops in Asia. There, the instant noodles are spiced up with various ingredients.

What works in the cookshops of Asia also works wonderfully at home.

With a few fresh vegetables and other ingredients, the finished noodle soups can be greatly enhanced with just a few simple steps.

  • Instant ramen mince with egg
  • Instant ramen delicious vegetarian preparation

Simple Ramen Hacks

The simplest way to pimp instant ramen is the herb trick. With lots of fresh chopped herbs, the ramen soup immediately acquires a particularly fine aroma. Other leafy greens are also great for pimping instant ramen. Spinach leaves, collard greens, Chinese cabbage or pak choi are great vegetables for instant ramen.

Vegetables such as kohlrabi, spring onions, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, beet, peas, chili peppers, peppers, corn or sugar snap peas are also cut into small pieces, added to the dried pasta and spices and hot water is poured over them.

Instant ramen is also very popular with diced Vienna sausage, meatballs, tofu or tempeh. These also do not need to be boiled and it is enough to pour hot water over them. You can also buy frozen fish balls in Asia stores to add flavor to instant ramen.

In addition, instant ramen are also often refined with eggs. Either a cut boiled egg is put on top of the pasta, or a raw egg is beaten into the boiling water and waited until this has set. This makes the instant noodle soup particularly creamy.

The ramen soups can also be refined with a sip of coconut milk , giving them a completely different, more delicate flavor. The coconut milk is also suitable for instant ramen that are too spicy and softens the spiciness.

Preparation of instant ramen

To prepare the instant ramen, all you need is a kettle. Since this is available in every office and kitchen at home, instant ramen is one of the simplest dishes that can be prepared quickly.

  1. Place the dried ramen straight from the package in
    large bowl
  2. The included spices, herbs and oils are opened and spread over the pasta.
  3. Pour boiling water in specified amount over ramen noodles and let sit for specified time.
  4. After a few minutes, stir through the noodles and you have a full, delicious and filling ramen dish.

How are instant ramen eaten in Asia?

In Asia, many supermarkets sell instant noodles in small plastic bowls or cardboard packaging. These supermarkets also provide a kettle for customers. This way, every customer can immediately prepare his portion of instant noodles in the supermarket and has the noodles to-go. This is Asian fast food for very little cost. The noodles are eaten with wooden chopsticks directly from the package. In this case, the broth is sipped.

In Asia, the soup is traditionally eaten with chopsticks. The rest of the soup is eaten with a spoon. Of course, you are free to enjoy the entire soup with a spoon.

What is the difference between Korean and Japanese instant noodles?

The instant ramen of different Asian countries naturally differ in taste, as many countries have a special preference for seasoning.

Korean noodles are usually considered very spicy. They resemble udon noodles and are thicker than most instant ramen. Korean instant noodles usually come with a packet of kimchi, or the noodles tempt you with kimchi flavor.

In addition, Japanese ramen noodles are usually thin wheat noodles, but not as thin as rice noodles. Japanese ramen noodles usually use traditional flavors such as miso or shoyu.

Japanese instant ramen manufacturer:

Nissin, Sapporo Ichiban, Maruchan

Korean Instant Ramen Manufacturer:

Samyang, Nong Shim, Paldo, Ramun

How are instant ramen made?

The ramen are made traditionally. Then they are dried, deep-fried, dried and often deep-fried one more time.

There are also brands that exclusively dry the instant noodles to make the ramen healthier.

Are instant ramen unhealthy?

Instant ramen have a worse reputation in our country than they actually are.

Of course, you shouldn ‘t feed exclusively on instant ramen every day, but a serving now and then won’t hurt.

Moreover, it is better if the instant ramen is additionally spiced up with some fresh vegetables.

Are instant ramen vegetarian?

Many of the instant ramen are vegetarian, some of them even vegan. This is usually noted directly on the package.